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Ally’s Ode to Quarantine

Ode to Quarantine
Here among the the pictures on the floor
I ripped off my teenage
Bedroom wall in 
Hoping to start over.
Yellow paint
To cover the darkness
That I found 
Still exists.
5 coats to 
Keep it from peeking through. 
Surrounded by crippling media
Face masks,
Sick family members,
Constant fear,
Watching history
The worst thing
My 88 year old grandmother
Has ever seen.  
Only you can stop this.
Take away our pain.
The insufferable 
That comes with
Falling into old habits
Of an inhospitable 
Toxic environment. 
Please bring 
The boy I love
Back to me
And spare the 
Man I admire
From getting
Any sicker.  
Allow me to 
Open my eyes
Again and 
Breathe fully