The Poetry Shed

A Virtual Classroom
Shelter in Place

Alix H

Quarantine: Mon/Wed

  1. Wake up to my Alexa playing work from home as my alarm
  2. Brush my hair for my 9am class I will be attending from bed
  3. Fall back to sleep because wow class takes a lot of energy
  4. 12pm wake back up and go to the kitchen for brunch
  5. Around 1pm I attend class again, this time on my couch in my room
  6. Later my Mom and I will take a leisure walk through the trail by our house
  7. Dinner time, anything at home beats Miley food
  8. I take a virtual yoga class at Mend yoga and pretend I’m still in Newport
  9. Play a riveting game of Mancala with my younger sister
  10. Watch endless Netflix shows and scroll through my phone until I fall to sleep.

My day at Salve: Mon/Wed

  1. Wake up to my annoying phone alarm every morning at 8:40am and go to class
  2. I get back from class do my laundry and crawl back into bed
  3. Watch youtube till 12 and then walk over to the library café for a BLT salad
  4. Come back eat my salad submit homework for class
  5. Go to class at 1
  6. Change into my workout clothes
  7. Go to Mend at 3
  8. Grab a cold brew at Nitro for tomorrow
  9. Shower and eat dinner, dinasoar chicken nuggets and lipton soup
  10. Watch new girl until I fall asleep