A note of gratitude.

I’ve relied on many of you–the wide world of writers and thinkers, family and friends, colleagues and students at Salve Regina University (present/past, undergrad/grad) who’ve created content for these posts and sent me to new places.

As I write from my home desk in my little ranch house somewhere in the neighborhood of 27 N and 77 E, my isolation expands each day. The view from here includes neighbors I’ve never met, walking, jogging, biking across the way. It includes my dogs who gaze out and gaze back and wonder why we humans are all home each day. And it frames all those who still move through the world to deliver a pizza or groceries or birthday gifts–neighbors who drop off extra chili they made. As I’m sure you’ve seen in your own way, isolation has opened up a web of connection, some grace amidst other heartbreak.

Thank you for contributing. Thank you for stopping by.

–Jen/Dr. M/Dr. McClanaghan/McClan