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Ashley’s Ode to Quarantine

with all my family under one roof in the first time in years,
two pups Lyla and Loki, 
a deadly invisible germ haunts my everyday thoughts and lifestyle, 
determining my future, I thought I had known just two months ago.
Surrounded by, 
The door that opens at least 100 times a day, 
filled with new goodies every week, 
the stress of my mother worried about paying bills, 
along with the guilt that she feels about not 
being able to celebrate my 4-year education coming to an end
Only you,
Could take lives away at astronomical numbers each day, 
with your ability to ignite a fear in even the manliest of men, 
you spread easier than the garlic and herb cheese my dad lathers in the Ritz crackers, 
much darker of a color too, 
you appear invisible but in my mind, darker than the color black, 
for black is evil and scary, 
you are worse, 
worse than my worst nightmare, 
for you take away all my best memories I was about to make, 
senior spring semester, drinks at Paddy’s Beach Club, 
Mohegan Sun with the girls, 
pictures at King’s Park in commencement gowns, 
raising my arm above my head with the brightest smile on my face
while I join the Class of 2020 in throwing my cap in the air, 
only you made those days impossible, 
Once in a lifetime memories I will never get to make, 
But for the ones still yet to come, you will not take.