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A Note to our Beloved Community,

Unnatural American Spirit is thinking of you during this strange time in our lives. We’re pouring one out for anybody in the healthcare industry who is working even longer hours than usual, students who have been disrupted in their studies, workers who are concerned about possibly not having a job after this pandemic is over, and others who have to be extra careful around those with compromised immune systems. It’s sad how innocent people are dying from coronavirus rather than in the expected way of using our products for decades and decades.

We know that you’ve enjoyed cigarettes everywhere, as companions when walking in a dark alley and a means of exchange among strangers at a nightclub. But don’t let the pandemic stop you from indulging in our products in this brave new world! Take a drag in the comfort of your own home. Let yourself deal with the new stress in the old ways.

We would like to thank you for being a loyal customer and help you in this fight against the pandemic. A free mask will be given with every pack of Unnatural American Spirit cigarettes that are sold. We know that masks are hard to obtain these days and ours will come with a small hole that allows you to hold the cigarette in your mouth without taking it off. This deal will be applicable anywhere you can buy Unnatural American Spirit products.

Lauren Peterson
CEO of Unnatural American Spirit